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speakerbetingelser – uk

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General conditions:

I accept the following gentleman agreement:  When Speakerbureauet provides you with a new client, future bookings for this client should also be made through Speakerbureauet. If the client contact you directly later on, you should bring this to his attention.  Loyal behavior between you and Speakerbureauet is expected – for instance that you do not distribute your businesscards, when you are on a job for Speakerbureauet.

– agreement are normaly made via email.  ”Booking confirmation” between you, the client and Speakerbureaut, are binding agreements about salary, broadcast rights etc.

If you want a written contract, you must send an email about that.  If you make a job over a long period of time, a contract must be signed before the start of the job – including how long notice in advance, you have to give if you want to end the job.

Mistakes CAN happen – if you dont receive your salary at the expected time, you must bring this to Speakerbureuaet´s attention.  Claims that are made later than 6 month after the job, CAN be impossible to meet.

Both you and Speakerbureauaet can end the coorporation at any time.


Speakerbureauet is obligated to pay the agreed salary – no matter if the client pays or not.  Normaly it will be at the first of the following month, after the job.  Under certain circumstances it can take longer, but maximum 2 month after.

The fee that is agreed between the client, you and Speakerburauet is ALWAYS including the booking fee .  The booking fee  of 20% will be withdrawn this  amount.  All social fees are included in this amount.

Speakerbureauet is responsible that all agreements about salary, broadcast rights etc. is OK between you, Speakerbureuaet and the client.


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