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Speakerbureauet’s responsibility

Speakerbureauet is responsible for ensuring that speakers speak clearly and professionally. Any dialects must be acknowledged as “accepted language”. There must not be any foreign accents. Any errors made by the speaker are corrected free of charge. Otherwise, corrections are billed at 50% of the originally agreed fee.

Complaints by the client that the speaker does not live up to expectations will only be accepted if the speaker does not fulfil criteria regarding correct dialect/native speaker or if the recording is quite unacceptable or unprofessional compared with the voice demo. In such an instance, a refund of the speaker fee may be appropriate. Alternatively a re-recording by the same speaker may be organised to solve the problem. In the event that the client and Speakerbureauet cannot agree, an official interpreter (in the case of foreign language recordings) will be selected to judge the quality of the speak.

Speakerbureauet can only be held responsible for unpaid fees.

Client’s responsibility

The client has responsibility for ensuring that their client listens to and acknowledges selected speaker/s via the speaker demos. “What you hear is what you get”.

The client is responsible for ensuring that the agreed rights appear on the invoice sent. In case of doubt on what was agreed, email correspondence can be taken into consideration.