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Speakerbureauet has worked with sound production for more than 20 years.

We can offer you:

  • Bookning of narrators in all languages.
  • Sound Studio with ISDN and Source Connect.
  • Consultancy on voiceover production and language dubbing.
  • Recording of acting and voiceover for commercials, E-Learning, Apps, Voice-Respone and Information etc..
  • Rcording and postproduction of commercial films – EBU R-128 standard etc.
  • Musik composition and post production of documentaries.
  • Direction of narrators and actors.
  • Sound design for large screen projects and apps. e.g. for museums and exhibitions.
  • Global network of narrators and sound studios in other countries – ISDN and Source Connect.
  • Online booking and download of voice demos from our speaker archive.